Conversion of biodegradable matters into enriched compost is
possible only with earthworms by the method called vermicomposting. From the
compost an other useful product is accrued that is called vermiwash. Vermiwash
is a liquid extract obtained from vermicomposting beds and it is used as an
organic fertilizer.
Vermiwash is the collection of excretory products i.e. coelomic fluid
and mucus secretions of earthworms. Worms worked soils have borrows that
have nutrients of the compost along with excretory products formed by the
earthworms. When water passing through the borrows washes the nutrients from
these borrows to get a pure vermiwash.
Vermiwash is a liquid bio-fertilizer obtained from the worms activity,
i.e. coelomic fluid and vermicasting filters. Vermiwash, if collected accurately, is a
clear and transparent, pale yellow color fluid. Vemiwash is rich in dissolved
nutrients and amino acids which are easily obtainable by plants.

Preaparation Of Vermiwwash:

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Empty barrel (250 lit), broken bricks or pebbles, coarse sand, loamy soil, earthworms, cattle dung and water.
1.Take a empty barrel with one side open and on the other side hole is made to join the vertical limb of a ‘T’ jointed tube about one inch of the tube into the barrel.
2. To one end a tap is attached and the other end is closed . This help the immediate opening of the ‘T’ tube if gets clogged.
3. The top is kept open, a 25cm layer of broken bricks or pebbles is filled, next a 25cm layer of coarse sand is filled than followed by a layer of bricks and the water is made to flow through this layers to enable the basic filter unit.
4.On the top of the filter unit a layer of 30 to 45cm loamy soil is filled and moist with water.
5. Then 50 numbers of each surface and sub-surface earthworms are introduced.
6. Cattle dung is placed on the top layer and moistened. The tap is kept open for next 15 days and the water is added every day to keep the unit moist.
7. On the 16 th day the tap is closed and 5 liters of water is sprinkled on the basis of the container.
8.The water percolates in the borrows made by the worms.
9.In the next day morning the tap is open and the vermiwash is collected.


Vermiwash is a eco-friendly natural fertilizer prepared from organic wastes and free from chemicals.

1.It does not have any adverse effect on soil plants and environment.
2. It promotes better root growth and nutrient absorption.
3. When vermiwash is diluted with Neem extract it acts as pesticides.
4.Along with macro and micronutrients, Vermiwash used as a foliar spray.
5. Vermiwash mix with cow urine is an excellent growth prompter.
6.It improves water retention capacity of soil because of high organic content.
7. It inhibits mycelial growth of pathogenic fungi.