While there are many advantages green agriculture, there are few disadvantages of it which are listed

1)Limited use of land
The main disadvantage is the limited use of land, which makes it difficult to produce large quantities of
food. Therefore mass production is not possible.

2)It takes more work
Since the use of machines is minimal or eliminated, it takes more time and people to successfully
produce plants, which slows down the production.

3) Shorter shelf life
Decomposing occurs faster in food that is produced sustainably, causing it to have a shorter shelf life. If
a shipment gets delayed, there is a big chance that it will never get to the supermarket because it will
already be spoiled.

4)Less fertile lands
It is quite hard to increase the fertility of land just by rotating crops and without the use of fertilizers and
other chemicals.

Because the land is used sparingly, the income that is generated from farming is very limited.
 it also hinders the full exploitation of land, labor and capital since it advocate for the use of
productive resources sparingly.
 Marketing challenges
 unable to grow as many crops at a single time considering a more sustainable approach

leads to fewer crops in one plot so plants don’t leach nutrients out of the soil.