Herbicides is an agent, usually chemical, for killing or inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants, such as residential or agriculture weeds and invasive species.
Herbicides are chemicals used to manipulate or control undesirable vegetation. Herbicide application occur most frequently in row-crop farming, where they are applied before or during planting to maximize crop productivity by minimizing other vegetation.


Plant science has used biotechnology to develop herbicide- tolerant crops, such as Canola. With herbicides tolerant crops, farmers can use herbicides to control weeds without harming their crop. This means the crop is protected without farmers having to plough the fields, Which leaves nutrients and water into the soil.
In urban settings, Herbicides help control weeds that could destroy lawns, gardens, parks and sports field. And also play an important safely role in industrials settings-for example keeping telephone and powerlines free from damaging weed growth.


1.Corn gluten meal(CGM) is a natural pre-emergence weed control used in turgrass, which reduces germination of many broadleaf and grass weeds.

2.Vinegar is a effective for 5-20% solutions of acetic acids, with higher concentrations most effective, but it mainly destroys surface growth, so respraying to treat regrowth is needed. Resistant plants generally succumb when weakened by respraying.

3.Flame is considered more effective than steam, but suffers from the same difficulties.

4.Saltwater or salt applied in appropriate strengths to the rootzone will kill most plants.


Avoid unnecessary exposure. In concentrated form, many herbicides irritate skin and can cause eye injury. Always use protective eyewear and neoprene or rubber gloves when mixing herbicides. Protective clothing includes items such as long-sleeved shirts, long plants, and water – or chemical-resistant boots.


1.Herbicides provides benefits of timely weed control by controlling weeds control by controlling weeds at the critical time.

2.Planning and management of labour for various agricultural operations in big farms are facilitated by use of herbicides.

3.Herbicides can be safely used where manual weeding damages the crop eg.Onion, garlic, cumin etc.

4.Herbicides can be used where physical conditions of soil is not conducive to manual weeding eg. During rainy spells.