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Agriculture is the chief reservoir of national income for most developing countries. Still, for the advanced countries, agriculture offers a great percent of their national income. Agriculture generates possibilities to raise people out of poverty in developing nations. Agricultural lands also contribute significant sections of wildlife habitat, while the concurrence of farmland to natural spaces calls farmers to practice supervision methods. Agriculture is necessary to human beings because it makes the foundation for food security. It supports human beings to grow the various typical food crops following environmental circumstances.


Win Green Agro has been working in partnership with Nanjil Anand Foundation and helping promote agriculture, organic farming, and efficient methods of agriculture. We also work for the betterment of the farmers. Win Green Agro works in all the areas of agriculture development activities and initiatives. Our organization and the noble cause is supported by people like you who care for our farmers and are socially conscious about agricultural issues. Our mission is to have the highest keen-sightedness in rural sections for their socio-economic and educational expansion through agricultural experimentation, economic composition, self-employment, and knowledge towards different Government Schemes.

Our Initiatives

Support Organic Farming

Organic farming is a system where the laws of nature are applied to agricultural practices. This method works along with the natural biodiversity of each farmed area, encouraging the complexity of living organisms, both plants, and animals that shape each particular ecosystem to thrive along with food plants. Knowing the benefits of following organic farming, Win Green Agro strongly supports it. 

Spreading awareness about agricultural subsidies

To improve farmers’ earnings, subsidies are proposed in high-value specialty sectors like agriculture, poultry, dairying, horticulture, and other Agri sectors. This will provide an incentive for farmers to undertake their cultivation and get profit from it. So, Win Green Agro updates farmers about these subsidies and help them find the right one that suits them the most.

Promote Agroforestry

Agroforestry is a common name for land-use practices and technologies where woody perennials are intentionally practiced on the same land-management units as crops are cultivated. Agroforestry methods have lots of benefits like — they can control runoff and soil erosion, thereby reducing losses of water, soil material, organic matter, and nutrients. Agroforestry also provides several environmental benefits. So, Win Green Agro took the initiative to promote this methodology.

Farm to Home

Farmers hold the key to reducing hunger and poverty. Helping these farmers to grow more is a key way to fight hunger. To enhance the living standards of farmers, it is crucial for buyers to get their farm products from the local farmer’s market or directly from the farmer. Supporting local food and farmers means that the money you spend for that food benefits local farmers and producers. Farmers play a major role in society; they feed us. Let’s be a responsible human being and support the farmers by purchasing from local farmers markets

Mixed farming

Mixed farming is a type of farming which involves both the growing of crops and the raising of livestock. Such agriculture occurs across Asia and in countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, South Africa, China, Central Europe, Canada, and Russia.The main characteristics of the mixed farming are that farms produce both crops and livestock and the two enterprises are interwoven and integrated. The grass is an important crop of mixed farming system, occupying at least 20 per cent of the cultivated land. The cultivation of crops alongside the rearing of animals for meat or milk defines mixed farming. For example, a mixed farm may grow cereal crops such as wheat or rye and also keep cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry. Often the dung from the cattle serves to fertilize the cereal crops.

Assist economic growth

Agriculture performs an indispensable role in the Indian economy. It is an important sector of the Indian economy as it contributes about 17% to the total GDP and provides employment to over 60% of the residents. Agricultural development is quintessential to produce food and feed the nation. Agriculture is the strength of the Indian economy, as it provides raw materials to the industries. India also earns foreign exchange by exporting agricultural products. These factors support the economy of India.

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